About Me

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Welcome to my photography projects! 

I'm Shubhie Panicker, an engineer, geek, photographer, foodie. I live in Palo Alto, in the beautiful SF bay area.

My photography is centered around capturing the visual rhythm in my everyday surroundings. I am endlessly fascinated with natural light, its ability to breathe life-force into an otherwise mundane scene. I thrive in the play of light and shadow, visual movement and layering of texture.

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I had the good fortune to study with the late Richard Dischler (as part of the Dischler Photography workshop) who nurtured my love of deep black.

Photography is not only a creative outlet for me,  it's a form of meditation. It’s about being in the present moment, witnessing my environment as it reveals itself -- with acceptance. It calms my mind and quiets the incessant chatter of intellectual dialogue or aimless self narrative.

Rhythmic visual imagery elicits a response in me -- a sense of joy, wonder, delight or gratitude. This is what I strive to share with you, the viewer.

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